Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Being 3

Intelligence takes many forms; these beings are just one manifestation of a consciousness which unfolds multidimensionally.

Being 2

30"H x 11 1/2"W Chalk on black paper


Intelligence in gestation
Cool beginnings
Celestial intelligence
Unraveling secrets of time
Void of mass
Mass of void
Sensations of consciousness
Conscious awareness

Beings 1

6 1/4"H x 15"W Chalk on Black paper

Being 1

Beings 2

Friday, March 16, 2012

Spacial Flaring

A New Awareness

30"H x 44"W Oil sticks on black paper

The embryonic form keeps reappearing in my work over the years. This time it is more elusive. It exists though tentatively. It appears like a plasma; it is a life in and of itself.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Embryonic Stars

44"H x 30"W Oil Sticks on Black Paper
The wound still exists though it's broken up. I can see through to the other side. The vast universe is empty, yet streaming with life. This web of protection will eventually loosen up and scatter away. It cradles my past, yet the past is only imaginary. We will eventually dissipate into the dust of gaseous clouds.

Electric Sunset

44"H x 30"W Oil Sticks and chalk on black paper
These are two vortexes intersecting in space colliding with electrical color.( When I was driving down the coast last week on business I saw this amazing sunset in Santa Barbara; the colors were simply electrifying.

Casting with fabric

Sappho is an ancient Greek poet. This is a fabric cast that I took off a plaster cast I found in an architectural and design shoppe. I will be casting more with this material for I like the lightness, and the fact that I can light it up from inside. I want to do some type of installation with drawings on the walls and these light sculptural forms.

Casting with fabric

Critical Theory Paper

Collecting Tombs of Consciousness

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Wax mold

This was an experiment with a wax mold, I will be doing more experimenting with fabric molds in the days to come.

Clay cocoons in progress (January 2012)

Clay cocoons in progress (January 2012)

These are clay cocoons I began in January, I will be doing more with this in the next few months, for now I want to focus on the drawings and the fabric molds!