Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Emitting Soul

This represents the forth fundamental force of nature, the weak force. It is the radioactive decay of subatomic particles; it creates hydrogen fusion in stars. Fusion powers active stars and releases large amounts of energy.
There is a more symbolic and less scientific meaning of this sculpture. I view her as a self generating flow of energy which will affect everything around her. An energy which will change the way reality is viewed and felt for her and others. A shift that will occur in the way life is lived and perceived. This energy brings forth a driven focus and an understanding that it's life span is limited. Now is the time to burn brightly. It emanates warmth, light, beauty, and uniqueness.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Electromag hands

Electromagnetism is the 3rd of the four Natural Forces that I am sculpting. I will be adding neon to the piece after it is cast.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Binary Pull

                                                                      The Binary Pull

The binary pull is that of gravitation.
The gravitation of our soul, our souls connection to one another and that to ourselves.
Our inner layers pulling beyond the depths of the imaginable.
 Does a soul have perameters?
Can it permeate all dimensions of space/ time.
Is its cycle and momentum uninterupted with the flow of the forces of nature?

Friday, August 26, 2011


The act of sculpting the figure is sublime; I want to be able to stop sculpting at a certain point where the figure is rough and proportional, so that the piece conveys a sense of emotion and  motion.  This process is a challenge for me since I am such a detail oriented person.  This figure will represent the lone person in space, reflecting the way in which we came into the world and the way that we will depart as well. It will be part of the series where the figure is a metaphor for the evolution of the cosmos.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Mirrors in the Universe    
The new maquette that I am sculpting represents the first of four of the Properties of the Fundamental Forces of Nature, this one represents Attraction and Repulsion; it is the Strong Interaction Principle on the atomic level, it's what holds nuclei of atoms together.
    The bodies here are symbolically broken up into wave particles.  We naturally have a force within us that pulls us together and also repels us from one another; we are but one manifestation of this force in the universe. I propose to use figures in a series of pieces that will continue to depict the Electromagnetic Force, the Weak Force, and the Gravitational Force. I want to demonstrate how these principles can be applied physically as well as metaphorically in my art work.
    All particles of the universe come from the same primordial soup; there is no separation. We are all interconnected on many different levels.  Linear time only exists when we are measuring our life span; otherwise I believe that time space is multidimensional and nonlinear. Therefore past, present, and future,is not necessarily sequential .
    Our bodies are but mirrors to the celestial bodies in the universe.

Friday, July 22, 2011


Private Commissions and Public Collections

In Progress
      Stan Mikita, Chicago Blackhawks United Center, Chicago, IL

2011              Jerry West, Staples Center/Los Angeles Lakers, Los Angeles, CA
                       Scottie Pippen, Chicago Bulls United Center, Chicago, IL
                       Jackie Chan Tribute, JC Group, Shanghai, China
2010              We Will Never Forget, Chicago Police Gold Star Families Memorial & Park, Chicago, IL
                       Fred Silverman & Daniel Burke, Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, Hollywood, CA
 Dancing Electrons, Simmons Cancer Institute, Springfield, IL
                       Chick Hearn, Staples Center/Los Angeles Lakers, Los Angeles, CA
                       Vortex of Healing Waters, Kellogg Cancer Care Center, Evanston, IL
2009                Johnny Red Kerr, Chicago Bulls, United Center, Chicago, IL
2008              Chicago White Sox 2005 Championship Piece, US Cellular Field, Chicago, IL
2007              Chicago White Sox: Billy Pierce, US Cellular Field, Chicago, IL
2006              Freedom’s Sacrifice”, Veterans Memorial, American Legion Post 145, Highland Park, IL         
  Preservation of the Union: Abraham Lincoln 1/3 section bronze bas relief, Lincoln
  Presidential Library, Springfield, IL
  Cascading Melody, Oakton Community College, Des Plaines, IL
2005              Quest for Exploration: James A. Lovell, Adler Planetarium & Astronomy Museum, Chicago
2004               Chicago Bears: George Halas Memorial bas relief, Soldier Field, Chicago, IL
2003               Green Bay Packers: Vince Lombardi, Lambeau Field, Green Bay, WI
                        Community Veterans Memorial, (6.5 acres with eight major figurative groupings in bronze and granite), Veterans Memorial Park, Munster, IN
2002               Barry Pitler Memorial Sculpture, Rush North Shore Hospital, Skokie, IL
                        Winnie Palmer Memorial, Private commission, Nature Park, LaTrobe, PA
2001               Spiraling Harmony, Private commission, Lake Forest, IL
2000               Detroit Tigers Hall of Fame Players, Detroit Tigers Stadium, Detroit, MI
                        Janet Friend Memorial, Highland Park District Library, Highland Park, IL
                        Lady of Mount Carmel, Mt. Carmel High School, Chicago, IL
1998               Cascading Melodies, Stone family commission, Highland Park, IL
1997               Support and Survival, donation, Y-Me Breast Cancer Organization, Chicago, IL
                        St. Therese of the Roses and Child Jesus, Carmelite Monastery, Philadelphia, PA
1996               Standing Tall, tribute to Fr. John Smyth, Maryville Academy, Des Plaines, IL
                        Healing Energy, (oil on canvas triptych) Kellogg Cancer Care Center, Evanston, IL
1995               The Legacy, Annual Award for City of Hope Golf Tournament, Los Angeles
1994               The Spirit: Michael Jordan, United Center, Chicago, IL.  Replicas in collections of: White House Collection, Chicago Mayor Richard Daley, former Illinois Governor Jim Edgar.
1992               Conductor’s Hands, Quaker Oats Corporation, Chicago, IL
1989               Milkovsky, memorial for a Partisan of WWII, J.C.C., Skokie, IL

Exhibitions and Projects

2007            Group Show, The Fine Art Studio of Rotblatt Amrany, Highwood, IL
2006            Amdur Gallery, Glenview, IL
2003            Zigman-Voss Gallery, Chicago, IL
2002            Signature Art Gallery, Glencoe, IL
2001           “Theatre of the Soul” one-woman exhibition, Chateau d’Amboise, France
                     Cora Art Gallery, France
                     The Ottinger Gallery, Chicago, IL
2000            Shanghai Art Fair 2000, Shanghai, China
                     Beaux Arts Invitational Exhibition, Paris, France
1999               Moxley-Ross & Naranjo Gallery, Santa Fe, NM.
                        Millennium Group Show, Oakton Community College, Des Plaines, IL
                        Fall Show, Rotblatt-Amrany Fine Art School, Highland Park, IL
1998               Fine Art Exhibition, Daley Center, Chicago, IL
1997               East West Gallery, Miami, FL
1996               North Shore Congregation Israel, Glencoe, IL
                        Mars Landing Celebration, Planetary Society, Los Angeles, CA         
1995               Fall Show, Rotblatt-Amrany Fine Art School, Highland Park, IL.
                        Palette & Chisel Academy, Tavern Club, Chicago, IL
                        Lineart International Art Exhibition, Ghent, Belgium
1994               Daley Center, Chicago, IL
1993               Carole Jones Gallery, River North Gallery District, Chicago, IL
1992               East West Gallery, Chicago, IL
                        Portraits/Chicago, Chicago, IL
1990               Fermi Lab Invitational Exhibition, Batavia, IL
                        Carlan Collection, Palm Springs, CA
                        East West Gallery, Chicago, IL
1989               Colby’s Corporate Exhibition, Lincolnwood, IL
Firenze Gallery, Lake Forest, IL 
                        North Shore Congregation Israel, Glencoe, IL
1988               Shai Danon Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel
                        La Galleria Caesar, Tiberias, Israel
1987               Orange Plus Gallery, Haifa, Israel
1985               Perugia Center for the Arts, Perugia, Italy
1984               Oakland Art Museum, Oakland, CA
1983               California College of Art and Craft, Oakland, CA

Background and Education

Current          Art Institute of Boston at Lesley University, Masters in Fine Art
1995-00         School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Continuing Education Department, instructor in figure modeling
1995               Award of Special Merit for Public Art, from the Chicago Bar Association
1992               Art Education Certification, completed at the Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, IL
1992-now     Rotblatt-Amrany Fine Art School co-founded with husband, Omri.  The School is an international center for the full development of visual arts excellence
1987-89         Kibbutz Ashdot Yaakov, Israel
1985               Pietrasanta and Perugia, Italy.  Studied in marble carving ateliers: Renzo Santioli and Sems.
1983               Initiated exhibition schedule, now including shows in Belgium, France Holland, Italy, Israel, China, and across the U.S.
1982               College of Marin, studied Fine Art, Marin, CA
                        University of California studied Figure Sculpture, Davis, CA
1981               Art Institute of Chicago, studied sculpture, Chicago, IL
1980               University of Colorado, Boulder, CO.  Received Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art
1979               University of Bordeaux, France, studied French and Art History
1976               University of Utah, Salt Lake City, Utah
1958               Born, Chicago, IL

 “After many years of formal education and creative productivity, my personal artistic vision has come to strongly embrace the combination of spiritual and physical elements…the mind-body connection.  I’m interested in emotional intelligence, higher consciousness, genetic engineering, medical and spiritual healing.  I’m intrigued by the exploration of multiple dimensions; uncovering unknown areas as we evolve to a higher state of being, hopefully not recreating past mistakes.  I believe this vision is reflected in the way we work individually and collaborate. Our concepts have depth and meaning; I think that is why the media have been so interested in us.  We are grateful to have earned public respect in so many cities.  I believe we are giving something hopeful and energizing back, as we explore the lives of heroic figures and hold up parts of their human and soulful experience that can inspire others.”