Friday, August 26, 2011


The act of sculpting the figure is sublime; I want to be able to stop sculpting at a certain point where the figure is rough and proportional, so that the piece conveys a sense of emotion and  motion.  This process is a challenge for me since I am such a detail oriented person.  This figure will represent the lone person in space, reflecting the way in which we came into the world and the way that we will depart as well. It will be part of the series where the figure is a metaphor for the evolution of the cosmos.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Mirrors in the Universe    
The new maquette that I am sculpting represents the first of four of the Properties of the Fundamental Forces of Nature, this one represents Attraction and Repulsion; it is the Strong Interaction Principle on the atomic level, it's what holds nuclei of atoms together.
    The bodies here are symbolically broken up into wave particles.  We naturally have a force within us that pulls us together and also repels us from one another; we are but one manifestation of this force in the universe. I propose to use figures in a series of pieces that will continue to depict the Electromagnetic Force, the Weak Force, and the Gravitational Force. I want to demonstrate how these principles can be applied physically as well as metaphorically in my art work.
    All particles of the universe come from the same primordial soup; there is no separation. We are all interconnected on many different levels.  Linear time only exists when we are measuring our life span; otherwise I believe that time space is multidimensional and nonlinear. Therefore past, present, and future,is not necessarily sequential .
    Our bodies are but mirrors to the celestial bodies in the universe.